Raspberry Leaf Tea

The Healing Properties Of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Widely known for its benefits to pregnant women, and used since ancient times, raspberry leaf tea is also delicious and has health benefits for people of all ages. Although not approved for medicinal use by the FDA in the United States, it has been reported by the medical mainstream as likely to be safe for pregnant women. That said, the FDA does not approve or disapprove any herbal remedies, and it is acceptable to purvey such herbs with noted health benefits.

Potential benefits of raspberry leaf tea for men, women and children

  1. Enhances men’s prostate health
  2. Makes a great replacement for coffee and black tea, helpful to get over the common afternoon energy drop, or as a morning wake-up beverage.
  3. Provides certain vitamins and minerals, which are helpful for bone development in young girls, lessening osteoporosis, and some menopausal symptoms.  Among the valuable ingredients in this amazing herb are calcium, potassium, phosphorous, selenium, niacin, and vitamins A, C, B and E.
  4. Helps children maintain healthy teeth.
  5. Helps relieve sore throat pain when used as a gargle. 
  6. Calms the digestive system, helping to relieve symptoms of diarrhea
  7. Alleviates symptoms of nausea.

Benefits of raspberry leaf tea for pregnant women:

  1. It provides iron, especially important during pregnancy
  2. It helps to relieve labor pains during delivery
  3. It facilitates uterine strength, making the uterus better toned for birthing.
  4. Helps in production of mother’s milk.
  5. Lessens morning sickness

In a carefully controlled study of mothers giving birth, by the Holistic Nurses Association in Whales, it was concluded that the number of deliveries requiring forceps was reduced by approximately 11 percent.  This was determined by comparing circumstances of birth between a control group of women who took a placebo, and a group who took raspberry leaf in pill form before and during their babies’ deliveries.  This study also indicated a shorter delivery time, by about 10 minutes, in women who took raspberry leaf pills, although the authors of the study did not see this as significant.  The study also looked for any adverse effects and did not find any. They concluded it is safe for pregnant women.

How to brew a tasty cup of red raspberry tea:

Allow time for advance preparation.  You will need a quart size glass jar with a secure lid.  Boil a quart of water and pour it over 1 ounce of crushed dry raspberry leaf. Place the lid tightly on the jar. Let it stand for about six hours.  Then strain the leaves and store in the refrigerator.  To dress it up you can serve it with some honey or stevia, and a spearmint leaf.  It is also delightful sweetened with apple or pineapple juice.

Precautions about raspberry leaf tea

Medical professionals advise pregnant women not to take this herb in the first trimester.
Due to tannin content, this herb can lessen absorption of other vitamins or supplements.  To counter this, allow 2 hours between taking raspberry leaf and supplements.




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